Since 2012, we have been creating an amazing series of documentaries about some of the world's most accomplished filmmakers. While directors and producers often become household names, there are several individuals who dedicate their lives to the creation of some of our most beloved films and receive no recognition. Through carefully selected interviews, these legends share their stories with us and the world. We are giving film lovers of all tastes and genres a glimpse into the magical, chaotic, comedic and exciting universe of cinema.


Our Mission

To document, recognize and share the untold stories of some of history's most legendary individuals.

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Legendary AD is full of charismatic humans who have dedicated their lives to the creation of an art form that is loved by the world. Because of Leonardo Corbucci’s vision, their achievements will not only be seen, but immortalized.
— Morena Duwe, Huffington Post

What We've Achieved

  • - Original, first-hand accounts that have never been heard
    - Rare interviews with individuals who live a life behind the camera
    - Behind the scenes stories of your favorite movies and actors
    - Film techniques and fun facts, revealed for the first time

  • - Inspiring a generation of new filmmakers
    - plus much, much more!